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Celebrating My Amazing Career

In September of 2017, I quietly celebrated doing Permanent Makeup since 2004. I studied to be an English teacher, fell into Public Relations… and I do makeup. My Mom always told me that I’d “fall into a career,” and I did… but I think this one picked me. This crazy career of mine has blossomed […]


Groupon & Permanent Makeup

About once a month, one of my clients, friends or family members gleefully comes up with the notion that I should offer a Permanent Makeup Groupon. I always patiently explain why I have never, and will never, offer a Daily Deal for my services. While these deals are great for businesses looking to attract new […]


Eyebrow Hair Stroke Simulation

While some are still just discovering Permanent Makeup, others have been contemplating getting something done but are concerned about all of the “bad work” walking around out there. In an effort to avoid being the next victim of an unfortunate Permanent Makeup job, many are doing lots of research before they go (and justifiably so!). […]


Sun Damage “Spot Management”

While most of us here in Southern California are accustomed to keeping watch for moles that could be cancerous, it’s a good idea to have a “full body scan” once a year by an expert. Not to mention, in talking with my clients every day about these types of things, I’ve learned that time and […]


Permanent Makeup Amazes Me Again!

When Suzanne Calandro came to me in March to get Permanent Makeup, she asked if there was anything that I could do to help conceal a bald spot on her head. She explained that when she was in her 20’s, she dove into a pool, misjudging its depth, and skinned her head along the rough […]


Whiter Teeth and Increased Health

I have recently discovered a remarkable therapy that originates from Ayurvedic literature called oil pulling. I realize that what I’m about to tell you will sound gimmicky and crazy, but let me assure you, I’m already seeing results with whiter teeth and improved sinuses after two weeks. Oil pulling is a simple treatment in which […]


How to Create Perfect Eyebrows

Makeup artists have a trick up their sleeve for getting perfect brows. Using a ruler and some know-how, you can follow the same measurements that they do to get spot-on eyebrows that are absolutely perfect! Align the edge of a ruler to connect the edge of the nose and the inner corner of the tear […]


Quick & Easy Beauty Secrets

One of the things I love most about my job as a Permanent Makeup Artist is spending time with amazing women who share the details of their lives with me while I’m beautifying them… along with some of their best kept beauty secrets. Below is a list of my favorite beauty tips that my clients […]


The Truth About Permanent Makeup

The dream of having makeup that won’t disappear inspires many women to explore Permanent Makeup. However, they’re intimidated by its “permanency,” or scared by horror stories from friends. Here are some tips to help you avoid disaster. 1) Permanent Makeup is a tattoo: True These procedures are created by implanting pigment just below the surface […]


Two-Minute Makeover

One of my favorite things to do is to figure out ways to simplify my life. And when I had my son, time suddenly became really scarce. In an effort to NOT look like one of those crazy Moms in pajamas all day with psycho hair, I invented my Two-Minute Makeover, which I still use […]