& lashes that don't disappear by noon!

Long-lasting makeup

I’ve worked with almost every line of cosmetics on the planet and have never come across a line that adheres and HOLDS like these.


Save time & look polished.

Senegence Makeup & Magnetude Magnetic Lashes, for effortless beauty that lasts all day long.

A variety of colors and styles are available to compliment your complexion and lifestyle.

Schedule a time to come in and pick out a color in person, or text me a photo of yourself, favorite clothing or go-to lipstick and I'll help you find the perfect color match.

Magical Waterproof Lipcolor Trio

Color guaranteed to last 4-18 hours!

• Color of choice
• Sealing gloss
• Remover

Apply in the morning and forget about it. It will not come off on clothing, coffee mugs, cups or glasses or even loved ones!

PRICE: $55

Beach Babe Bundle

Get that natural sun-kissed,
beachy glow!

• Peralizer Foundation
• Bronzer - with brush
• Waterproof Mascara
• Lip Gloss

For a dewy, easy breezy complexion.

PRICE: $143

The Essentials Stash

Perfect for the busiest woman.
Look alive in the morning in less than five minutes!

• Color-Correcting Tinted Moisturizer
• Mocha Java Waterproof Eyeshadow t
to contour your face quickly
• Strong-Hold Blush
• Volume-Intense Mascara
• Lipcolor Gloss 


PRICE: $145

Call or text 949.466.0060 to order or arrange curb-side pickup.

Glam-It-Up Kit

If you want to look incredibly polished and feel your best (whether it’s for a special occasion or every day), this collection will blow your mind!

Includes (12) Products:
 • Skin Primer 
minimize pores and wrinkles

• Color-Correcting Tinted Moisturizer
even out skin coloration

• Pearlizer Foundation
for a dewy and polished complexion

• (3) Luxurious Waterproof Eyeshadows
one for highlighting, one for accenting and one for contouring 

• Silver Rose Blush
• Volume-Intense Mascara
• Waterproof Lipcolor Trio
• Eye Illuminator 
• Waterproof Eyeliner
• Concealer

PRICE: $424

Amazing Hold Magnetic Lashes

These revolutionary lashes are one-of-a-kind and are the only ones currently available with 10 magnets to provide powerful holding capabilities.

Easy to apply!
Simply draw two coats of magnetic eyeliner across your lid, hover the lash above it and they attach themselves. 

Typically 30-40 wears per set.

 • Lash style set of your choice
• Tube of magnetic eyeliner
• Bottle of remover

PRICE: $115

Call or text 949.466.0060 to order or arrange curb-side pickup.








Want to learn how to apply makeup quickly and easily?


Call or text 949.466.0060 to order or arrange curb-side pickup.

"I scheduled a private Makeup Lesson with Kimberly and it was so fun! She’s so good with color and knowing exactly just what you need. Plus, she really knows how to put colors together and her SeneGence cosmetics really do stay on all day!"

- Sandy L.