Advanced Training

There were many times throughout the early years of my career in this very unique business that I wished for my own mentor.

Stop struggling

and start feeling confident!

If you’re a Permanent Makeup artist who has gone through basic training and is looking for a big sister to help guide you in your career, I’d love to be there for you! 


the next level you're seeking in your business. 

Together, we’ll get you to

See which training offer is best for you.

Book a Coaching Session

Get answers to your toughest questions!

Phone or Zoom session.
Whether you need innovative ideas to build your business, advice to resolve a tricky client situation or you’re looking for my opinion on the best supplies in our industry, this hour is devoted entirely to helping you!



Advanced Observation

 Sharpen your skills and learn different methods of doing different procedures!

• For seasoned technicians
wanting an in-person training session.

• Observe the entire process for the procedure of your choice.

• Enjoy an up-close look on color selection, implementation techniques, client interaction and much more.

• We’ll take 30 minutes after the client leaves to discuss any questions you may have.

per procedure


Refresher Course

Ready to get your Permanent Makeup career off the ground but don't know where to start?

This training is designed for technicians who have completed basic Permanent Makeup training and, for one reason or another, have never gotten their career launched

Get valuable tips & guidance from a seasoned pro and a roadmap for success.

This course consists of the full observation of the following procedures, including 30 minutes of Q&A after each clients leaves to discuss any questions you may have:
• Consultation
• Brow Procedure
• Eyeliner Procedure
• Lip Procedure

• Color correction essentials
• How to book clients consistently
• Access to all of my client forms
 • List of preferred vendors for supplies
• 4 HR back-end business training
(booking software, accounting, insurance, licensing)
• Client relationship management; marketing; how to build an online reputation and much more.



Download Client Registration

Look like the industry expert when you send your clients this customizable Client Registration packet prior to their appointment!

• 9-page PDF
• Professionally edited and reviewed by legal counsel
• Checklist to help your clients prepare for their procedure
• Answers to frequently asked questions
• 4-pages of medical history and other questions for them to print and fill out at home; and a template to provide your directions, address and contact information to help them find your office.

You’ll be sure to:
• Minimize questions, phone calls and no-shows
• Increase client satisfaction
(and ink retention)
• Retain signed releases in the event of the unthinkable
(lawsuit or charge back)



"Spending one on one time with Kimberly was the best decision I’ve made in advancing my career in Permanent Makeup. She makes everything easier and simple, with her innovative techniques and knowledge from spending years in the beauty industry!"

- Sandra L.